Historical context

Remains of a mammooth in Polledrara of Cecanibbio

The territory of Castel di Guido, where the real estate Fumasoni for sale in Rome stands, also offers important historical and archaeological sites of interest.

It is newly discovered (approximately 20 years ago), in fact, the Polledrara of Cecanibbio, one of the richest paleontological deposits in Italy, by extension and richness of the finds, because of the discovery of the remains of saber-toothed tigers and mammoth, dating back to period of the Pleistocene.

archaeologist and mammoth

In this area also were found the remains of the Roman Emperor Antoninus Pius era (third century AD), the inventor of today’s postal service that the Superintendent of Archaeological Research is still looking in the area of Castel di Guido.

Just on the territory of Castel di Guido should be the remains of the ancient village of Lorium, the birthplace of the emperor. The town was first mentioned in the Tabula Peutingeriana as a post office on the road, his twelfth miles from Rome.
There was a villa built by Emperor Antoninus Pius, who died in 161, in which residedalso Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius.

Press coverage of the archaeological finds

Three years ago not far from this property for sale in Rome were found the remains of a Roman villa, Villa Olivella, known for its extension and conservation as “The second Pompei”. The excavations have brought to light new areas of the bath and new flooring with carpet tiles black and white. Also found coloured pieces of glass paste and coating plates with gold leaf.

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